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Yep, still the same number (919) 790-9800
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Hillsborough, NC

We love when we get referrals from existing clients! Our client, Ten Plus Systems, referred GlobalRX to us for a site refresh and redesign. Their existing site wasn’t easily editable and had a bit of a dated look and no mobile friendly version. We created an ExpressionEngine site with a responsive design—now GlobalRX can update their site as necessary without having to wait on someone with HTML skills to get involved.

One other challenge on this site was providing the New Drugs Approval content on the Resource page. GlobalRX had been compiling the list manually and submitting to their web developer who would then write the html and publish. Often the delays caused by manually compiling and manually updating the site caused the list to be out of date before it was published. We learned that the site they used as their primary source for this information had an RSS feed, so we set up the site to display the data. Now this chore is automated and always up to date.

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