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Yep, still the same number (919) 790-9800

About Us

Imp Designs, LLC is a small but mighty web design, Internet marketing, and graphic design company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We serve clients from all across the US and even a few in Canada and England. Our weapons of choice are the ExpressionEngine content management system, Google AdWords, and Creative Suite.

In 1999, Impressive Designs was formed by a local print shop as a graphic design and pre-press firm. We designed brochures, ads, and marketing pieces for businesses, government agencies and trade associations. We had an imagesetter and produced film for small print shops and screen printers. Our technical expertise included color correction, trapping files for print and prepping files for output. Then platesetters came along and nobody needed prepress services!

“No need to worry,” we said, “There’s the internet! We are techies… hell if we can figure out how to get a Corel Draw file to output, certainly we can do this web thing!” And we were off. We learned a whole new mass of acronyms, CSS, XHTML, PHP, MySQL and on and on. Before long we found we had a knack for web development and after a lot of soul searching (and a lot of meetings with bankers), we bought out the print shop, ditched the imagesetter and moved into the 21st century.

In 2008, we completed our transformation by changing our name to Imp Designs. Our focus has always been on long term relationships with our clients, big and small. We invite you to look over our portfolio, read the stories about the work, and see if you think we’d make a nice fit for your next project.


Our Team

Every design agency needs talent, and we have plenty of it. Every person at Imp Designs has been doing what they do for years, and they do it well. If you need it done, chances are “yeah, we’ve got a guy for that”.


Happy Clients

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How We Work

How We Work

Before you commit to hiring a website development company, it’s important to see and understand the process.