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Yep, still the same number (919) 790-9800

Our Team

Every design agency needs talent, and we have plenty of it. Every person at Imp Designs has been doing what they do for years, and they do it well. If you need it done, chances are “yeah, we’ve got a guy for that”.

Chris Basnight
owner / operator / head rocker

​Chris Basnight has been known to bring crowds of people to their knees with a simple bass line, the rock and roll held in his hand like a mighty staff. Chris also has a brain full of web knowledge. The fearless leader of Imp Designs fears no HTML.

Christine Basnight
keeper of sanity

​Without Christine, well, we’d probably all just float off into space. Christine keeps the ship running smoothly and operating at full warp speed. If you call the bridge, you’re talking to Christine.

David Haley
internet marketing specialist

David Haley is our resident Internet marketing specialist. Dave holds a Google certification in search advertising that demonstrates his proficiency with creating, managing, and optimizing AdWords campaigns. He’s also considers himself to be an “Internet God” that can, “move mountains in a single click”.

Jer Warren
graphic designer

​Jer Warren used to skateboard to school in the snow with a hot potato in his hands just to keep warm. And by golly he liked it. Jer has created graphics and logos for everybody from state government, to cleaning products to that crusty punk band that lives on the corner. Whether it be print design or web graphics, Jer just really likes making stuff.

Brandon Whitesell
web developer

​Brandon Whitesell commands the letters on his computer keyboard the way a pianist manipulates ebonies and ivories. That’s probably because he also plays piano, but aside from that he is one web loving, coding crazy, internet machine. Brandon also has an odd affinity for cats, but don’t we all?