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Yep, still the same number (919) 790-9800
Nash Community College Home

Nash Community College

Rocky Mount, NC
Full redesign

Nash Community College approached us to redesign their main website after we successfully created a ‘mini-site’ for their online school. Their existing site had a very flat information hierarchy—counting links in drop down menus, there were over 170 links on their home page! Their primary issue was “nobody can find anything” and we felt this was primarily an issue with organization. We met with them, developed a set of site goals, and re-organized the entire site. Most of the work in this project was the planning; we were very fortunate to have collaborative project leads that listened to our ideas.

The site is a responsive design with 4 views: mobile, tablet, desktop and super sized desktop. We use Susy Compass SCSS processor to manage the breakpoints and CSS.

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