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Additional Services

Analytics, Social Media, UX & More

If you need a mouse and keyboard to do it, chances are we can help.

Responsive Website Design

The world is going mobile and it’s important for your business to have a solid mobile strategy. We offer mobile sites, responsive design, as well as mobile AdWords campaigns to make sure our clients have the maximum amount of exposure in the emerging mobile sphere.

Web Hosting

We’ve partnered with Liquid Web to offer our clients 100% hassle-free hosting for their websites. We never trap our clients. If you would like us to build you a website, you will always be free to host it wherever you’d like.


Whether it’s JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, or HTML5 we can create a completely custom website for your business. If you have a unique vision for your new website or website redesign that requires custom code, our resident code monkey can make light work of it.

Search Optimization

We take a unique, data driven, white-hat approach to SEO. Our SEO services include a variety of tactics to improve your sites performance in search engines. They include activities like a deep analysis of your website’s traffic to identify opportunities, ensuring all content is crawlable, optimizing meta data, content consulting, copywriting, and creating or modifying your site’s information architecture.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail can be sent as plain old text, or a professionally formatted and visually appealing message. If you are currently or are planning to do e-mail marketing, we can do the code and graphics to make your message stand out in any inbox!

Social Media Marketing

For a select group of businesses, social media can be absolutely crucial for online success. To increase your social media presence, we offer everything from graphic design, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin PPC management, data syndication, as well as other social media services.

Web Strategy

When it comes to your strategy for online success, the web can be daunting. Where will you get the biggest impact from your budget? What technology should you adopt? How are your customers searching for your products and services? We offer consulting services to help businesses of all sizes find the best solutions to their online challenges.


We are well versed with the Google Analytics platform. If you are interested in custom reports, e-mail alerts, turning data into information is something we excel at. So whether you are interested in advanced traffic reporting, or would just like a better understanding of who your users are, we’d be happy to help.

User Experience (UX)

From usability analysis to A/B testing our services include methods of ensuring your users or visitors have a positive interaction with your brand. Here at Imp Designs we are obsessed with users and incorporate UX best practices into everything we build.

Face it, We're Geeks

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